"hot spit gut manifest, soup of self", 38 x 52 in.

"grate time", 33 x 51 in., acrylic and collage on paper

"familiar strangers: straight ahead is the dark", 2020, 57 x 49 in., acrylic on paper

'a boastful bowlful'

'bus stop'

'going up?'

'a night at the opera'

"new nature"

'smitten souls / misfitted toes'

'venting machine, routine of desrepair'

'heavy-hurry, heavy-wait at the supermarket'


'washing memories with a wet smile'

'fueled wants'

"ailroad antics, a firstburnt firstborn", 6' x 7'

"asphalt bowling lanes", 75 x 64 in.

"agnostic vertigo", acrylic, charcoal, and silkscreen on paper, 2019

"interlocking departures", 2019